Lulu Mall in Kerala

MyFroyoLand is the land of your Frozen Yogurt Dreams

Lulu Mall, Kerala

Step into MyFroyoland in Lulu Mall, Trivandrum, one of the largest malls in Kerala, known for its retail, entertainment, and dining experiences. Our store within Lulu Mall offers a delightful experience for frozen yogurt enthusiasts of all ages. Each location boasts a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors, allowing customers to craft their customized desserts with a range of fresh fruits, nuts, candies, and syrups. The atmosphere within our Lulu Mall store is designed to cater to the preferences of shoppers and families, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. MyFroyoland at Lulu Mall emphasizes not only the delicious taste but also the health benefits of our frozen yogurt, providing a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream. Whether you’re shopping or seeking entertainment, find your moment of sweetness at Lulu Mall.