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Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

If you have ever dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur but didn’t know where to start, a MyFroyoLand Frozen Yogurt Franchise can be your answer.

Pan India Presence

MyFroyoLand Frozen Yogurt has brought the unique concept of self-serve frozen yogurt very successfully to major metros of India and is now opening up their business model for franchising Pan-India and Internationally.

Find Your Location

Find Your Location

International Stores

Stores in Camberley, United Kingdom
Stores in Farnham, United Kingdom

Delicious & Healthy

MyFroyoLand brings you a new delicious way to enjoy a centuries-old health food in a fun new avatar. The self-serve store allows you to make your own mix with any combination of flavours and toppings and simply pay by the weight of your cup.

Brand Impact

The MyFroyoland advantages are established stores and widespread brand-name recognition, well-researched and certified frozen yogurt product, competitive franchising fees and a support team with a hands-on philosophy including important pre-opening and ongoing operational program which can help increase your chances of business success whether you are going into business for the first time or are an experienced business-person.

Instagram Fame

MyFroyoLand products are also one of the most Instagramable with many famous celebrities flaunting their own unique creations. We have Celebrities regularly visiting our stores.

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